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Paros Island

Paros Greece, the third largest island in cyclades, is dominated by its picturesque villages, beautiful beaches and the Greek island atmosphere. Although the island attracts thousands of visitors each summer, due to its size, is never becoming overcrowded. Paros has been inhabited since very ancient times and was famous for the quality of its marbles.

The history of Paros' Capital Parikia goes back the centuries, as the archaeological finds, which are many, confirm. Parikia has been inhabited for almost 4,500 years and as a result of that there are many ruins in the area.

Paros' capital, Parikia, is a small town with 2,500 inhabitants. It is a lovely town, with whitewashed houses and a maze of narrow streets. The best part of it, is away from the sea in the heart of the old village. Around the coastline there are beautiful safe sandy beaches.

The Church of Ekatondapyliani or Katopoliani is one of the most important Byzantine monuments and one of the finest churches in Greece. It is dominated to the Dormition of Our Lady and according to the tradition was founded by Santa Helen, the mother of the Emperor Constantine. On the Assumption of Virgin Mary day, 15th of August, there is a great celebration on the seafront.

Places of Interest - Lefkes (the medieval capital) and Marpissa are two pretty mainland villages worth for a trip. Naoussa, the second port of the island, with the excellent beaches, the ruins of a Venetian castle and the Byzantine Museum. Chrysi Akti, 800m golden sand beach is the best of the island. Psycopiani or Petaloudes with swarms of tiger moths setup house keeping (July - August). In Paroikia the Byzantine Cathedral Church of Panagia Ekatondapyliani (Church of a hundred doors), the Archaeological Museum, the ruins of a Venetian castle.

Water Sports - Paros is well known among the windsurfing professionals all over the world. The Professional Windsurfing Association has been organizing the world cup for many years now on the eastern side of the island. The location of the island, the variety of winds and the location of the beaches make Paros Island ideal place for professional and amateurs water sports lovers.

Antiparos Island

Antiparos is a choice for a day trip. It is a small holiday paradise located southwest, just one nautical mile from Paros Island and it is known for its distinctive Cycladic beauty. Antiparos town, the port and capital of the island has narrow cobbled stone alleys and streets, white-washed houses decorated with thriving purple bougainvillas and shadowy eucalyptus trees create this enchanting atmosphere. The cave of Antiparos is situated on the southeastern side of the island W on the hill of Agios loannis at the height of 177 metres above sea level and is well known all over the world as possibly the oldest cave in Greece. The Island invites visitors to indulge in swimming and water sport adventures and activities and is known to have some of Greece's most striking private and organized beaches. A few we recommend exploring are Psaraliki, Glifa, Livadia and Agios Georgios beach.